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E-commerce is basically a word describing shops online. There is no need to walk out of your house and shop, you can shop using the internet! if you shop online, for some reason, they always give you more options than what is shown in store.

Question Time!
Some potential customers will not order a product through a website because they fear a lack of online security. What does this mean?
Those customers are afraid that they might be a victim to hackers,or that someone in the company might use their credit card number to buy things. They want to be assured that their passwords will be deleted or in a safe place after use.
What is an advantage of online shopping for a customer?
One advantage to online shopping is that you don't have to go out and obtain your shopping you can stay in and just have your shopping delivered to you. This allows you more time as you don't have to go from A-B and back; which will waste your time.
Why can businesses like Amazon and CD-Wow sell their products at cheaper prices through the internet than those available through book and music shops?
They can sell the products at cheaper prices, because