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Input, Output and Storage devices.

Hard drive
Floppy Disk (3 ½ Inch)
Speech Recognition
Electronic Pen
Graph Plotter
EPOS System
Zip Disk
Audio Output
Interactive whiteboard
Solid state storage (MMC,
SD cards etc)

Scanner Tape
Memory stick.


Track Ball

Barcode scanner

Input device

Keyboards are the Most Common Input Devices

An input device in any hardware thats used to enter data onto a computer - a keyboard, for example.
  1. QWERTY Keyboards are based on the way typewritters were designed. The name comes from the first row of letters on the keyboard.
  2. Keying in can be clow unless the user has been trained to type, but QWERTY keyboards are so standard that most people can use them pretty well.
  3. Long_term keyboard use can sometimes cause repetive strain injury (RSI)

Concept keyboards and touch-sensitive screens

Concept keyboards are most often found in shops and restaurants. Each key has a symbol (or word) on it, representing a piece of data stored in the computer (e.g. a price)

They're great if you want to key in similar data over and over again. But they're only designed for inputing very limited bits of information.

Touch-sensitive screens are a bit like consept keyboards - but instead of pressing a key, you touch the picture or word on the screen. Again, they're easy to use. And you can have different options each time the screen displayes changes. But they're more exprensive than keyboard.