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There are many different types of networks, such as a Star Network, Ring Network and a Bus Network.

Star Networks.

Star Networks are commonaly used, as they are the best ones to use. Here are some of the pros and cons of using a Star network.

Pros Cons
Proformance in Failure in the central
one part of the computer causes the
network is unaffected whole network to break down.
by events elsewhere.

Cable failure is less Uses more cabling, so it's
of a problem. more expensive.

Bus Networks.

All computers are connected to one cable, and if the cable fails, then so does the network. Here are some pros and cons of using a Bus Network.

Pros Cons
It's cheap, because Lots of uses can make
it uses less cables. it really slow.
Failuer of the main cable
can bring the whole network
Ring Networks.

The last main network is a Rign Network, it's the same as a bus network, just in a circle. Here are some pros and cons of using a Ring Network.

Pros Cons
Cheap to expand. Lots of users can slow
Fast as data only down the network.
flows in one direction. Failure of the main cable
can bring down the whole

Question time.

Q1. Why might a wireless network be far more efficient and flexaible for a business than a cabled network?

A1. A wireless network will be more efficient than a cabled network because with a cabled network, the data can only be transferred in one direction and if there is a fault with the wire then the whole network will also breakdown, where as with a wireless network the only way it can break down is if the server has broken down. The wireless network is also more efficient than a wired network because the data can travle in all different directions.

Q2. How can a business allow its employees to access the organisation's intranet if they are working from remote locations?

A1. Business allow employees to access there intranet via password from home, or where ever they are.

Q3. Why might a business choose to set up its own WAN?

A3. A business might have WAN so that your data will be where ever the business is.

Q4. Apart from availability of funds, what other questions will businesses ask themselves when deciding whether or not to set up their own network?