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The best way to keep your data secure is to put a password on the file so no one can access the file, or even better put a password on your computer/laptop, so that way only the people that need to access your computer can access anything on your computer. There are many more ways to protect your data such as;
  • Back up your work often and keep the back up in a safe place, where no one knows about but you.
  • Never open a file that has contents that you have never heard of, find information about the file before you open it so you know what is init to prevent viruses.
  • Save your work regulary to make sure that you don't lose any work that you need.
  • You must also have a firewall installed on your computer to stop hackers getting into your files and deleting your files, and stealing them, you also need a Anti-virus software to protect your files from viruses.