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Induction Training.

What is Induction Training?induction_trainingf.gif

Induction training is something that ALL new employees have to it. You get shown around the company, and get told where all the fire exits are and where the fire assembly point is. You'll also get told where the toilets are, where the cantine is. Basically you get told where everything is and what it's for when you arrive on the first day of your new job. On your first day of induction training, you'll also go through the health and saftey of the company, and get told about the correct uniform to wear on the next day of the job.

On The Job Training.

What is On The Job Training?on_the_job_training.jpg

On The Job Training is something you do while on the job. You do this by being taught by someone of a higher class than you that has the experience to teach you about your job and what you have to do. They do this so that one they might get paid more for mentoring you, and for you get learn the ropes faster and by learning the ropes faster more work will be produced. On the job training also doesn't cost the company anything as there is someone in the company teachnig you.

Off The Job Training.

What is Off The Job Training?

Off The Job Training is something that you do when not on company premises and it cost the company quite abit of money to get the course that you are going off to do, you must still wear your proper unirform to the couse, and it may have the company logo on it, and people will know that you are representing that company. People may also look at how good you are doing on the job/course and think that everyone else is like that, and then the company will get more employees and more work done.