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Backups are something that people do to so if they lose data then they wopnt have to spend the time re-writing it again, backups are recommed that you do backup often, maybe once a week, or even a month if you are daring.

If you have family photos, memories, music or even files that you don't want lost, then i do recommen that you back up you data every other week.

´╗┐Backups in a business.

´╗┐If you are in a business, and you have data that you don't want to lose, then i also recommend that you do a backup every week, you should backup so it saves you time re-writing all of the data again, especially if you don't have the time to spare. I recommend that you backup all your data on to a disc, a spare hard drive or even a USB memory stick. Once you have done that keep whatever it is that you have backed all you data up on to, in a fire proof safe, so it is 100% safe.