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Copy right is ILLEGAL!

Here is some information about why Copyright is illegal:
Copyright is illegal because it is someone else's work, they have took thier time to produce what we like.
If you want to use someone else's work, then you have to ask them, because otherwiseyou sre stealing.
For example, if you wanted to use something that someone has made or took their time to do the you
must ask them.
Other examples of copyright is PIRACY, this is a form of Copyright because you are ILLEGALLY downloading movies/software as you have no permission to download what ever file you are trying to download with out
paying for it.

Data Protection Act.

There are 8 principles of the Data Proctection Act. Here they are:
  1. Data must not be processed unless there is a specific lawful reason to do so.
  2. Data must only be obtained and used for specified purposes.
  3. Data should be adequte, relevant, and not excessive for the specified use.
  4. Data must be accurate and, where relevant, kept up to date.
  5. Data should not be kept longer than necessary for the specified purpose.
  6. Data processing should meet the legal rights of the data subjects.
  7. Data holders should protect then data against loss, theft or corruption.
  8. Data should not be transferred abroad execpt to certain other European countries

The rights of Data subjects:
  • All data subjects have the right to see ALL their data when ever they want.
  • All data subjects have the right to prevent direct marketing.
  • All data subjects have the right to have personal information corrected.
  • All data subjects have the right to prevent automated decisions.

Computer Misuse Act.

The Computer misuse act is a law to try and stop illegal access to your private files, this law was introduced in the 1990 to cope with the problems of computer hackers and viruses.

The most common use of computer misuse is computer hacking, people will stop at nothing to try and access your files, so keep them well protected. The second most common use of computer misuse are viruses, viruses are everywhere, they are in file that you download from the internet, there are all other the internet, so be careful when you are searching the internet. Another way of computer misuse is pornography, there are various websites to view pornography, I recommend that you DO NOT view any other these websites.