Business Administration
A business adminstration is a system which helps companies plan and coordinate certain activities for the future. Some administrative procedures are paper-based, but they are incresingly becoming computer-based. administrative procedures are small tasks which determine how the information being processed is handled, where it is stored and how it is sent around the organisation. It is basically a way to handle the different intakes of information being sent in and where to place these different parts of information e.g which parts of information to include in different parts of the company, like how password protected files have to be handled by ICT workers in the business.
Exam questioned
The two exam questions which we will be answering today are:
Suggest TWO types of information that a business might recieve and how each might be handled. (4 marks)
A business might recieve information about their customers e.g. the ages of their customers and they may wish to store them separate from other sources of information; a business administrator could help you accomplish this with ease. Another type of information would be the information of the amount of product which had been sold and what shops they were sent to.

What might be the consequences to a business if it does not set up effective administrative procedures? (6 marks)
Many bad things can happen to a business if it does not set up an effective administrative procedure.