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Purposes of a website
Levels and types of online presenceA business would need to know the specific parts they would need for the content of their website. their are twomajor types of content:
1. Static content: this content includes company identities like logos , slogans and corporate messages. it can include the history of the company, the personnel of the company and contact details. It has the general product information such as; material, sizing and quality. Companies with this content need only to update their website every few months.
2. Dynamic content: A database must be set up, the database will include important information such as product: categories, codes and description of the product. The database design has to be similiar to the design of the rest of the website. The people that work in the company should update the website content regularly. An example of a dynamic content website is tesco.
The theme of the website needs to be created to send an apropriate message to the people going on this website. Endless posibilities exist to maximise the investments made by the business. increase how well the website is known by adding it to the thousands of search websites.

Passive brochure-wareThe brochure-ware website type is commonly used by shops of this day. This type of site can help keep the shops image up to date and offer some convenience to current customers. A dynamic website offers what is known as 'actionable' tools, these allow the business to communicate with customers. Independent shops suffer from limited choices in promoting their businesses, increasing their profit margins.

complementing offline servicesIf a business wanted to be successful online in the past, it would have had an offline presence, these days it's importance to customers is less so. Many customers would rather buy online than offline, because of e-commerce. It is mainly people under 25 years of age that placed importance on a physical presence of the item (more than 60 per cent rating it important).

Mail orderInternet based businesses are not physical shops, this means that they need to deliver their products by mail order. Some complaints recieved around the UK were non-delivery of internet products and mix-ups. When a customer decides to buy a product from the internet, they have to enter an 'agreement' with the seller. These 'agreements' are called contracts. The contracts include main points agreed with the seller like: what they are buying and the price of the product. Mail orders should be completed within a reasonable time. The customer has a right to demand refunds if the products are delivered late.

Online transactionsThere are a number of different methods available to enable online financial transactuals, some customers prefer to use credit and debit cards. Most businesses use the expertise of professional web designers to find online transaction solutions. These can include online credit card transactions and cataloguing the products.

Exam Questions

Why might a small business that sells direct to customers face-to-face or on the telephone opt for a static website? (6 marks)
The business might want a static website, because they won't need to change it every time they make a sell and if they won't be using it to sell products, then they won't need a dynamic website; they will only need to change a static website every time their products or shops have major changes (once every month or so). They may want to advertise their shop over a long range without having to pay a lot of money.

If the same business wanted to offer it's products and services to a wider rangeof customers and wanted to sell online, suggest the features necessaryfor it's new website. (10 marks)
The features necessary is dynamic content would be that they would need to create a database to record important information, such as products available and the product descriptions. The design of this database has to be similiar to the design of the website and the company may have to consider allowing a corperate man to update the website regularly. It will need to have a customer agreement sheet (a contract) appear if the searcher decides to buy a product from the website. They will need to set up a mail order type, they will either need to hire delivery men or send their deliveries through the mail.