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Data securityThere are three types of data protection:
  1. physical security
  2. access security
  3. data security

Physical securityprotecting the hardware
  1. keep track of and record all serial numbers, as this helps the police identify the stolen technology.
  2. place burglur alarms into the room containing the computer technology.

DATA BACKUPHow often you will make the backup depends on the data that needs to be backed up. If your running a network with critical data on the servers, then daily backups might not be enough.You may need to include some of the things like:
  • The duration of time you spend on your computer
  • How much the data on your computer changes

If it is just small data (music files, photos, e-mails) then monthly backups will suffice. However if it is more important larger data's (tax audit) need to be backed up more often.

Backups can be stored in devices like:

  • USB flash drives
  • Hard disc drives
  • Optical disc drives
  • floppy disc
  • Memory cards
These are the places wherethe data can be transferred to use away from the computer:
  • compact disc (cd)compact_disc_pic.jpg
  • digital versatile disc (dvd)
  • Cassette